Keith and Alexis' Wedding, Wychmere Beach Club, Harwich, MA

Keith and Alexis chose to be married on the beachfront of the Wychmere Beach Club in Harwich, MA. They selected one of the best weather days of this fall season; it was a perfect 75 degrees with no wind and clear blue skies. The smell of fresh

salt air mixed with a hint of hydrangea flowers that adorned their wedding altar above. Marvelous would be an understatement to describe this couple's venue - a beautiful Cape Cod wedding!

Keith and Alexis added special touches for their wedding - as guests awaited their arrival, champagne, wine and water were served on the expansive veranda overlooking the sea. An exquisite view, I don't believe anyone was concerned about when the wedding would begin, their being so happy with the refreshments and the sights.

Guided to the beach wedding altar of beautiful blue and white flowers, Alexis' mom looked so proud to be giving her daughter to her soon-to-be husband, Keith. Smiles abounded as I asked all in the audience to take their seats.

Keith and Alexis had written their service to custom fit their dreams for what their ceremony would be; all was so special with their custom vows spoken to one another with tears in their eyes. The sun was shining brightly onto this couple as sunset approached this spot nearby the sea. One could hear the calls of seagulls as they soared along the rock formed pier in the distance.

Keith and Alexis exchanged rings symbolizing the infinity of their commitment to one another. The seagulls made circles above, their white feathers reflecting golden hues against the orange setting sun. Keith and Alexis smiled that intimate smile that expressed the love they felt for one another; all was truly perfect for this lovely couple.

Amidst cheers and applause, I pronounced Keith and Alexis to be "husband and wife" and they recessed up the sandy beach, making a U-turn toward the ocean front, laughing and whispering with one another. Suddenly, Keith lifted Alexis in the distance, she kicking her white flip flops into the air, pointing her manicured toes into the circle of blue sky like a perfect ballerina, and he elegantly holding her high, giving her a perfect wedding kiss!

Congratulations Keith and Alexis! May you always keep one another's spirits high, laughing and dancing your own special duet by the sea!


Andy & Mary, Ridgevale Beach, Chatham, MA

What a gorgeous, early fall day for Andy and Mary to enjoy their special vows on the beach at the Ridgevale Beach in Chatham!

With a tent set up for the reception at his grandmother's house nearby, family and friends parked at the beach and walked over the wooden bridge that brought the entourage to the smooth sand of Ridgevale.

Seagulls squawked above and children played in the distance, laughing and exclaiming with glee to their parents, "It's a wedding, and look at the beautiful bride!"

Andy and Mary were so sweet, standing before me with grins on their faces as they gazed at one another with such love and joy. Occasionally, I could see a glimmer of a tear in Mary's eye as she spoke her vows to Andy, and he, too, was quite emotional. It was a very touching ceremony near the beautiful sea.

After custom vows were shared and their commitment to one another confirmed, I announced Andy and Mary to be "husband and wife". Friends and family applauded and cheered, and in the distance, the seagulls squawked in happy cheers, too. As they recessed along the home made wedding aisle, and alongside the ocean inlet, Andy turned and gave Mary a beautiful kiss!

What a happy occasion this wedding was, with mother nature providing the most beautiful weather and perfect cape cod venue! Congratulations Andy and Mary! May you always experience such joy and adoring love for one another as you join together in your special life journey.


James & Lindsay's Wedding, Indian Pond, Kingston, MA

James and Lindsay, their family and friends enjoyed a gorgeous day at Indian Pond Resort in Kingston, MA. The weather had really been

challenging the week prior, so this couple and their families were very fortunate to have such a perfect day.

The golf club behind the Resort hosted the actual ceremony. The DJ played classical music, serenading Lindsay and her dad up the aisle...she was all smiles as she and her dad approached where James and I stood. Her dad gave her a gentle kiss and shook hands with James - all were full of smiles and happiness for this lovely couple.

James and Lindsay expressed custom vows to one another and exchanged wedding rings. All was lovely on the green of the Indian Pond's golf course. After James and Lindsay shared their full commitment to one another in front of their family and friends, I introduced them as "husband and wife", at which time they kissed in a beautiful embrace.

Congratulations James and Lindsay! May all of your days together be so beautiful and filled with joy!

Nick and Donna's Wedding, The Beach Club at Wychmere Harbor, Harwich, MA

Nick and Donna had a wonderful wedding planned at the Wychmere Beach Club in Harwich, MA. The wind was whipping along the elegant grounds of the Beach Club - it

was quite misty, really. All felt like a truly Cape Cod wedding. Inside the Club, the photo of John F. Kennedy, Jackie, and their children graced the reception venue, and this photo rather matched the weather of the day.

The groom and his groomsmen and I walked across the estate's lawn overlooking the water channel where Coast Guard and other boaters travelled. The women of the bridal party walked delicately across the lawn, their pretty dresses blowing in the wind. Music was played to accompany the bridal party and their guests. All was so wonderful for a special wedding day.

Donna's dad walked her up the aisle where Nick and I stood at the entrance to the boat channel. As her dad gave her away, there was a tenderness between they and Nick that only a father could understand; he was so sweet and gentle as he kissed his daughter and then sat down in the front row with his wife.

Donna and Nick shared custom vows, expressing their commitment to one another to love and to laugh and to live out their days with one another. Having exchanged rings, they then were pronounced by me to be "husband and wife" and Nick was told that he "may kiss the bride".

A terrific wind swirled Donna's veil up and around the couple, embracing them just as they were kissing. My wife, Lianne, captured this glorious, romantic moment between the two, capturing their lovely kiss as husband and wife. The image makes one think of a cover of a bridal magazine, or a romantic novel!

Donna and Nick then recessed down the aisle and glided across the luxurious green lawn, hand in hand, dancing to the beat of the DJ's music - and as they approached the Wychmere Club, they broke out in a dance, swinging their hands and bodies in unison, arms raised in the air, totally joyful in the moment!

Congratulations to Nick and Donna! May you experience fair winds and calm seas for the remainder of your beautiful days together such as this one, enwrapped in the veil of love.

Paul and Leanora, The Ridge Club, Sandwich, MA

Paul and Leanora were one of those couples who made the best of a tough day posed by the threat of Hurricane Irene; Paul said that he

never wanted to hear the name 'Irene' again, given that the hotel they stayed in with their guests was closed, sending he and the maid of honor on a wild ride to find new accommodations for their family and friends. But they did so, and the Daniel Webster Inn took they and their guests in, on short notice. How fortunate that all worked out so well.

But the Ridge Club is beautiful, and frankly, it was a superb reception venue that I'd never given a wedding service at prior; there was a wonderful dance floor and reception room that was adjoined by a garden trellis and slate patio where guests enjoyed beverages and appetizers.

Family and friends were in good cheer, despite the soon arrival of Hurricane Irene. Everyone gathered in the back garden covered by a beautiful white tent (just in the event of rain).

Leanora was walked down the aisle by her grandparents, and given away to Paul where we stood at the front of the tent. There were big smiles on both of their faces as they stood in front of me; they were so happy to be here, enjoying this special day.

Leanora and Paul had shared their custom vows and exchanged wedding rings. When I announced them to be husband and wife, and they kissed, the family and friends erupted in a great round of applause for this special couple.

Congratulations Leanora and Paul! Despite the challenge of a projected hurricane hitting Cape Cod, you took things in stride and made your special wedding day filled with joy anyway!

Johnathan & Jennifer's Wedding, Daniel Webster Inn, Sandwich, MA

Johnathan and Jennifer hosted their wedding service in the back garden of the Daniel Webster Inn in Sandwich, MA. With their family and friends, all were serenaded prior to the wedding service by a professional bagpiper that was hired by Johnathan's boss; what a thoughtful gift for their wedding day!

It was unseasonably hot in the garden, though all was shaded and beautiful with gorgeous grounds punctuated with yellow, red, purple and blue flowers of all types, dancing in the warm, Cape Cod breeze.

Jennifer's father processed her down the aisle as Johnathan eagerly awaited her arrival at their natural altar under the beautiful trees. Johnathan was smiling ear to ear, so happy to have his lovely bride meet him where we stood.

There were special custom vows that this couple shared with one another, and they exchanged rings denoting their full commitment to one another in front of an audience of family, friends and onlookers who happened upon this special garden. It was all so beautiful!

Congratulations Johnathan and Jennifer! May you have many happy times together such as today. I felt grateful to have been a part of your special ceremony!

John & Sandra's Wedding, Sandy Neck Beach, Sandwich, MA

Sandra and John, along with their intimate gathering of family and friends, enjoyed a private, special wedding

ceremony on the beach at Sandy Neck, in Sandwich, MA.

Renting a house down the street to the beach, most of their friends and family members piled into a pick-up truck and their cars, and drove to this oh so beautiful beach in Sandwich.

where onlookers experienced the beauty of such a special occasion. Sandra was so full of happy smiles and John gazed lovingly into her eyes as they shared their vows with one another. Friends gathered in a circle, along with their cute dog, outfitted with a pink bow for the occasion.

The beach was warm and beautiful breezes blew Sandra's hair in the wind; one woman on the beach commented that she looked like a model, she was so pretty.

Sandra and John wanted a private affair and they were fortunate that the weather was so perfect for their special day together!

Congratulations to you both! May you enjoy many special life celebrations such as this together, accompanied by your best friends and loving family.

Marianna & Ryan's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn

There's nothing better than a Cape Cod wedding overlooking the ocean of the Chatham Bars Inn of Chatham, MA. Marianna and Ryan were so happy to be experiencing one of the best days of the week - Hurricane Irene had blown through the week prior with no worries - fortunately, all was well at the beach front of the Beach House, a jewel of the campus of the Chatham Bars Inn.

Marianna and Ryan held hands and smiled toward one another throughout the entire service as their friends and family gazed on with smiles, too. Marianna was having a wonderful time in front of the white trellis that served as our sacred altar for their special wedding day - they both laughed together as I delivered their service, full of joy as they held hands.

They expressed custom vows and exchanged rings, sometimes laughing at their own inability to determine which had was the left hand of their beloved :) This happens more often than not, the couple being so wrapped up in the moment. What a fun, special wedding day!

Behind this couple, seals congregated on the sand bar beyond the ocean and seagulls soared, squawking to one another as if to say, "Congratulations" to this lovely couple. A sweet salt breeze wafted over the couple and their friends and family with a gentle caress. All was beautiful this day!

When I announced Marianna and Ryan to be husband and wife, cheers arose amongst the audience, and persons overlooking the beach house from the upper portion of the lawn applauded, too.

Congratulations to Marianna and Ryan. May you have fair winds and sunny days together, embraced in the love of your family and friends!


Michael & Carla's Wedding, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis, MA

Michael and Carla had the most wonderful venue for their wedding - the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, MA on Rte. 6A. The front lawn is designed with brick walkways etched with written remembrances of loved ones that border contemporary sculptures and beautiful flowering shrubs and plants. The sun was shining for this lovely couple. Colorful orange, yellow and red oriental fans and streamers hung from the trellis behind us, creating a beautiful altar on the lush green lawn where we stood.

I couldn't say what the song selections were for the bride processing up the aisle with her dad, but the music was a singing quartet - so unique and striking, perfectly choreographed by this couple

and their bridal party. Carla arrived at the altar with a sense of beauty and flair - it really was a creatively spectacular, yet tasteful presentation like I'd never seen.

And Michael and Carla were not going to have a traditional service - they had me read lines from the movie, "The Princess Bride", which they and the audience found to be humorous and delightful. Carla was tickled by my rendition and she and Michael are shown above, laughing as I performed their custom request. It truly was quite fun!

Not all was fun and games, however. There were sweet, sentimental vows and a few tears along the way, too. Rings were exchanged, and I was honored to announce Michael and Carla to be married. There was much applause and flag waving from their friends and family; the orange, red, and yellow flags waved in the breeze with words written on them such as "Congratulations!" and "Cheers!" It was so wonderfully festive.

My wife, Lianne, captured a great photo of the recession line when Carla's dad and mom walked behind the newly wed couple. Here they are showing celebratory exuberance with the friends and family; colorful flags were waving, Carla's dad's arm was up in the air in a sign of victory, and her mom was laughing and smiling at the joy of the moment... all I can say is that her dad and mom must've been the happiest parents I've seen in a long time.

Congratulations Carla and Michael! I wish you many happy years together full of much fun and love as your family and friends cheer you forward!

David & Megan, Wychmere Beach Club, Harwich

David and Megan enjoyed the most wonderful weather one could ask for during their special wedding service

conducted on the lawn of the Wychmere Beach Club in Harwich, MA. Looking like a princess as her dad walked her across the lawn, Megan was all smiles - so full of joy as she processed up the aisle where David and his groomsmen and I

stood waiting. David gazed at her with such a loving look in his eyes; It's always touching when the father gives the bride away to her groom.

Megan's sister, Laura, gave a custom reading for this lovely couple, and Dave's sister, Kate, did a second reading. Laura's last statement in her reading summarized the essence of marriage: "But a marriage made in heaven is one where a man and a woman become more richly themselves together than the chances are either of them could ever have managed to become alone".

And Kate's custom reading focussed on the metaphor of how nature reflects our commitments to life and one another:

"The trees in the storm don't try to stand up straight and tall and erect. They allow themselves to bend and to be blown with the wind. They understand the power of letting go... learn the power of the trees. Let it flow. Let it go..."

Custom marriage vows and rings were exchanged, and a special sea shell ceremony was performed at the conclusion of the service:

Megan and David placed their shells in the glass container situated at the end of the aisle. In like fashion, the family and friends were asked to make a wish or blessing for happiness and good will for the couple for the future of their marriage and placed their shells in the container as they recessed. With the combining of the shells, Megan and David symbolically joined their once separate lives. All that was once separate would be shared, and in this sharing the couple would both find strength and joy together as they forge a new life's path and destination.

With the delivery of special readings, the sharing of vows and the exchange of rings, I then pronounced Megan and David to be "husband and wife". With much enthusiasm and pure glee, they both raised their arms in the air in joyful celebration!

Congratulations to Megan and David! I feel blessed to have been a part of your special wedding ceremony. May you often feel such joy as you begin your new life journey together.