Roberto & Lora's Wedding, West Dennis Graded School, Dennis MA

Roberto and Lora's wedding was held at the charming historic West Dennis Graded School built in 1858. Their family and friends helped with the decor, the music, and the catering, making it a very festive environment.  Faith filled, Roberto and Lora exchanged their custom written vows with all of their loved ones gathered round the platform where we stood; with the close fellowship of their family and friends, I am sure that all witnessed the holy sacredness of their union during this post-Christmas celebration.  Indeed, this was a very special wedding with their friends singing as a part of their ceremony.  Congratulations to Roberto and Lora!  May you both have a beautiful, loving life together as husband and wife, and may you continue to be blessed with so many close friends and family enfolding you with their love and prayers.


Jason & Michelle's Wedding, Highfield Hall, Falmouth, MA

Michelle descended the foyer grand staircase on the arm of her father as the music wafted during their dramatic entrance. Straight from a Dicken's novel, Jason and Michelle exchanged vows in front of the stained glass windows of the majestic hallway entrance of the Highfield Hall estate as the snow swirled outside the mansion's warm, gorgeous interior.

Despite the snowstorm, nearly all of the guests converged at this beautiful hall on the hill; the couple and their guests enjoyed a pre-Christmas wedding to behold for many years to come. The hall brought us back to a past era, having been built in 1878, yet it spoke to all of us present about how lovely and beautiful life can be. And if Highfield could speak, it would embrace this handsome couple with well wishes for their loving marriage together and say, "Celebrate your love here tonight with your friends and family - laugh much, keep one another, sing together and find the joy and beauty in your lives. Now move forward hand in hand as husband and wife and create your own history anew."


Patrick & Randi's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn

Patrick and Randi experienced a beautiful, intimate wedding with their family and friends at the Beach House of the Chatham Bars Inn. Smiling with their friends, Randi and Patrick are headed to Hawaii where he will be stationed for the Navy.  What a lovely couple! Randi cried as they said their vows, yet her smile returned for their photos with their friends and family, and again, with her husband in front of the Christmas tree.  I felt like we were watching the TV show "Friends"; you could see that this group is very close, and there was a touching moment when one of their friends wiped away the tears that flowed down Randi's cheeks immediately following the ceremony.  Her tears were tears of joy and their friends and family were crying, too.  It was such a heartfelt moment that permeated the room when I announced Patrick and Randi as husband and wife. Congratulations Patrick and Randi.  May you have a full and joyful life together and experience all the wonders of marriage that life has to offer!  Enjoy Hawaii!


Ian & Laura's Wedding, Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Wrapped up in her white overcoat and white scarf with red hearts, Laura was the picture of a beautiful and very happy winter bride. Ian had just arrived back in the States after being in Iraq and was so thrilled to be marrying Laura on the Chatham Lighthouse Beach; the love in their eyes as they gazed at one another during my service was very touching. I don't even think this couple noticed the single digit temperatures.

Lianne and Jill Meyers, (the proprietor/owner of the Captain's House Inn in Chatham with her husband, James), took photos of Laura and Ian's ceremony by the sea. The sun setting created the perfect lighting for their intimate service, and onlookers watched from the Chatham Light lookout as Laura and Ian confirmed their love with custom vows, hugging and kissing one another with such glee when I pronounced them "husband and wife".

Seals frolicked in the ocean behind this photo that Lianne took of Laura and Ian; it was as if they, too, were celebrating the joyous event! Laura and Ian exuded love and happiness. I wish them the best in their journey through life together. Congratulations to Ian and Laura!

Greg & Karen's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn

Greg and Karen and her daughter and son, Kristen and Ryan, created a beautiful, intimate wedding in one of the gorgeous ocean view suites of the Chatham Bars Inn.  They selected December 6th in celebration of St. Nicholas day; Greg spent much of his youth in Germany where he and his family annually enjoyed happy festivities for this special day.  With their dear friends,  Chuck and Ann Marie observing, Greg and Karen exchanged their vows in front of the flaming fireplace. 

Complete with bright blue Christmas ornaments on the gas fireplace's mantle, white votive and decorative candles and chocolate truffles wrapped in blue and white foil, the suite was transformed into a festive, warm space.  Kristen had coordinated beautiful music for her mom's ceremony; love songs wafted softly in the background as I performed the ceremony.  At the end of the service Ryan had a little surprise for Greg and Karen when he moved across the room with white fluffy snowflakes in hand, showering the bride and groom, best woman and best man.  Indeed, it was a winter wonderland in this gorgeous suite by the sea!  Congratulations to Greg and Karen!  Thank you for making my St. Nicholas Day extra special, too!


Brian & Hilda's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn

Complete with limousine, champagne and the beautiful venue of the Chatham Bars Inn, Brian arranged all for his bride-to-be as a prince would do for his 
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Vivacious, beautiful and fun, Hilda showed such joy and exuberance for life and the love that she shares with Brian.  A special request at the ceremony's end came from Hilda for a special, private prayer for their marriage and life together; indeed, a very spiritual, sacred moment.

As they walked through the grand foyer and the great room with their photographer, every head turned.  Guests were smiling and expressing how beautiful Hilda looked, and were genuinely happy for this couple who brought Thanksgiving holiday cheer for the Inn's guests.

The Limousine pulled up at the front of the Inn and the sunset was turning to dusk, yet their smiles will always be recalled on this wonderful wedding day shared in a most beautiful setting in Chatham.

I am so fortunate to be a part of this couple's joyful marriage ceremony.  On this day, Brian and Hilda remind me of how grateful I am to be a participant in such a spiritual, happy day for a very loving couple.  Congratulations to Brian and Hilda!  May your happiness be shared together for a lifetime of love that I glimpsed today!