Ron & Darcie's Wedding, Orleans, MA

Ron and Darcie hosted their wedding service for intimate family and friends at Darcie's family     
colonial home set deeply in the woods of Orleans, MA.  To say that everything was so warm and inviting would be an under- 
statement.  One could feel the aura of love in this gorgeous colonial home; outside, it rained and the air temperature was rather cold for April, with a steady blustery wind.  Entering the family household, we immediately were enveloped with the smells of home:  a nice fire burning in the living room fireplace, the smell of a home cooked meal being prepared for the guests, and the sounds of family talking and laughing, were most inviting.  

Ron and Darcie had written special vows for their ceremony, and Darcie's dad had a poignant poetic reading, along with a sacred blessing he'd written himself for his beloved daughter and son-in-law. There were hugs and kisses, as well as tears of love.  I stood for a full moment in the middle of the service, honoring the loving emotions that this family felt for one another; it was clear to me that this was a special, intimate space.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, I pronounced Ron and Darcie, "husband and wife".  In the center of the living room, with family and friends encircling the room and this beautiful couple,
Ron and Darcie kissed and swayed to the soft background music that wafted through the house. They gazed at each other lovingly and danced ever so gently around the living room.  

The fire's wood crackled; the candle decorations and forsythia lovingly placed on the mantle piece glittered in the light; through the opened window nearby, the cool air brushed fairly against the white lace curtains, and the rain fell outside in the darkness.  Tears of happiness were in Darcie's  and Ron's eyes, and if one looked around the room, her family and friends, too. Darcie's  dad, Mark, commented on how all of the elements were present for this sacred event; earth, fire, air and water.  And added to this mix, another family member said, was spirit.  

May Darcie and Ron's lives be as filled with the spirit of love as we witnessed tonight.  I feel so honored to have been a part of Darcie and Ron's very special, touching wedding service.  


Phil & Laura's Wedding, Wequassett Inn, Chatham

Phil and Laura had a beautiful ceremony accented by nautical themes such as the 3 foot ice sculpture of a magnificent lighthouse, and name cards of family and friends adorned with exquisite sea horses.  The guests braved the rainy day, and the smiles of the bride and groom created such a happy, sunny environment despite the April weather.  

A meaningful component of Phil and Laura's service was the Jewish tradition of the "breaking of the glass" at the culmination of their wedding ceremony.  It denotes that the bride and groom and everyone in attendance should consider this marriage permanent and final, as the breaking of the glass is unchangeable. The shattered glass also reminds us how fragile life and love can be.  That sometimes a single thoughtless act, breech of trust, or marital misstep can damage a marriage in ways that are difficult to undo, just as it would be difficult to undo the breaking of the glass. It serves as a reminder of the sanctity of marriage, and that the love of Laura and Phil should last for as long as it would take to make the glass perfectly whole again.

Pictured here is Phil just a second prior to his successful breaking of the glass rolled in a napkin; if you listen closely, you can hear the silence of anticipation, the shattering of the glass, and the celebratory shouts of  "Mazel Tov!"


Michel & Matthew, Chatham Bars Inn

Michel and Matthew were married by the sea at Chatham Bars' Boat House.  What a gorgeous venue for an intimate group of family and friends.  What struck me about this couple is that they thoroughly enjoyed the service and therefore, much laughter prevailed throughout the ceremony. I think I may have even said during the service that they were "having too much fun" up there! You see, most couples are rather teary eyed, anxious, or a combination of both (which is to be expected).  This was not the case for this lovely couple.  While the seals frolicked in the background of the sand bars a few hundred feet away, this couple enjoyed the sea breeze, and they basked in the love of one another and their guests.  Complete with flip flops to match his conservative suit for the occasion, the groom smiled when my wife, Lianne, said she would not post a photo of his feet!  What a unique, fun marriage ceremony at the Boat House. Congratulations Michel and Matthew!  May your joy, love and laughter ring throughout your years together as husband and wife.