Ian & Emily's Wedding, Coonamessett Inn, Falmouth, MA

Emily and Ian, their friends and family gathered together at the beautiful Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Emily's father walked her up the aisle to our altar, giving her a fatherly kiss on her cheek before turning to Ian and giving his a heart felt handshake.  It is always such a bittersweet moment for fathers.  I see their eyes moisten as if they were transported to a time when their little girl was a young child.  Their eyes say, "Where did the time go?"  These are sacred moments and I am blessed to participate in marrying such lovely couples.

Emily and Ian planned a beautiful service complete with a sacred reading delivered especially for this occasion.  Michelle chose to read from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.  And Lisa shared a special reading of Karaniya Metta Sutta:  The Buddha's Words on Loving-Kindness.  

The sand ceremony symbolizing the joining of their two lives and legacies was completed by both the bride and groom along with parents and grandparents from both families; it was a lovely, meaningful blessing of their extended families performed to join all as one in recognition of their new lives joined together in marriage.

After the sharing of their vows and the exchanging of rings, it was my distinct pleasure to pronounce Emily and Ian to be husband and wife.

Congratulations Emily and Ian!  May your love sustain you always!

Anthony & Julie's Wedding, Hemisphere Restaurant, Sandwich, MA

Julie and Anthony were the ray of sunshine at the Hemisphere Restaurant where their family and friends gathered to witness their custom wedding ceremony.  It looked as if a celebrity had arrived as the horse drawn carriage pulled into the parking lot led by two handsome white horses named "Harry" and "Jake."  My wife Lianne took a photo to show you of the bride's unique transportation.

For this lovely couple, 3 is their lucky number!  As they shared their story with me, they first met by a chance meeting when they were 17 years old during school break in the Bahamas.  A second chance meeting occurred randomly 4 months later on Hampton Beach.  Fast forward to 2012 when Anthony contacted Julie by email and the relationship resumed.  Julie expressed to Anthony during their service, "For over 36 years, I never believed in fate or true love.  It was something that existed in fairy tales or the movies, but not in real life... you came into my life quietly and unassuming, and left as quietly...twice.  The third time was different...Three times in one lifetime.  We are so lucky!  Thank you for proving to me that fate and true love aren't just for fairy tales and movies.  I love you."

They exchanged rings before their beloved guests and then with their children - Samantha, Brenna, Anthony and Dominic- performed a spiritual sand ceremony symbolizing the union of their separate lives joined together into one new life as a family.

Congratulations to Julie and Anthony!  May you experience much love, joy and happiness together thereby creating your own wonderful fairy tale come true!

Mary & Eric's Wedding, The Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA

This weekend was a busy weekend for weddings and the elegant Chatham Bars Inn was buzzing with activity near its waterfront.  Despite the inclement weather all were showing smiles and expressions of joy as they watched Mary and Eric exchange their vows and wedding rings with the beautiful backdrop of the Atlantic ocean behind.

Mary descended the stairwell to the lawn below wearing a beautiful white gown; her father met her at the bottom stair and guided her to the altar by the sea where Eric and I stood.  Eric's eyes were smiling in anticipation of the arrival of his gorgeous bride - one could see the love on his face as he greeted her by holding her hands.

It was probably about 48 degrees out on the veranda nearby the sea, yet all was wonderful anyway!  There were special readings chosen especially for this occasion that were delivered by Mary's niece, Margot and Mary's nephew, Thomas; they both did an excellent job, too.  Here is the poem that Thomas read:

                             You are the star of each night,
                             You are the brightness of every morning,
                             You are the story of each guest,
                             You are the report of every land
                             No evil shall befall you, on hill nor bank,
                             In field or valley, on mountain or in glen.
                             Neither above, nor below, neither in sea,
                             Nor in shore, in skies above,
                             Nor in depths.
                             You are the kernel of my heart,
                             You are the face of my sun,
                             You are the harp of my music,
                             You are the crown of my company.

Congratulations Mary & Eric!