Randy & Brooke's Wedding, Red Jacket Inn, Yarmouth, MA

Randy and Brooke shared their custom nuptials on the beach front of The Red Jacket Inn & Resort in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, with their family and friends. Pictured above, my wife Lianne took this photo, capturing the joy of Randy and Brooke and their family and friends directly after I introduced them as "husband and wife" for the first time.

The weather was clear and sunny as soon as Brooke was escorted onto the beach with her father and mother on either side. What a spectacular day for a wedding at this special spot by the sea. Seagulls, sailboats and swimmers could be seen in the distance, though the temperature was plummeting as I delivered their ceremony; Brooke was trembling from the cold by ceremony's end, but her smiles spread such a warmth across the beach as she expressed her vows with Randy. And, as a true gentleman would do, Randy took off his suit coat for his new bride to warm her in the chilly Cape Cod breeze.

Brooke's Aunt, Diane Greene, wrote and read a special message for the couple's special wedding day. She spoke of how magical it was that her beautiful niece from Sharon, MA should meet a man from Grapevine, Texas, and how today was an "exclamation point" to their beautiful, five year romance. She also ended her talk by sharing some gifts between a couple that will last a lifetime, saying, "That special little thrill when you catch sight of each other", and, the "absolute certainty that when your hands touch, you know that you are home with your one true love".

And Aunt Diane finished with an enthusiastic "Here's looking at you kids!" in reference to the movie classic, "Casablanca".

Congratulations Randy and Brooke! With your outgoing, exuberant personalities I am sure your marriage journey together will be symbolized by at least two exclamation points!!


Steve & Nicole's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn, The South Lawn

Steve and Nicole and their family and friends had a sunny, blustery day on the South Lawn of the Chatham Bars Inn for their special wedding service. It was so windy that Nicole's veil was whipping around and swirling outward with the sea breeze, sometimes embracing the couple.

This was a very simple, yet elegant service; this lovely couple asked that I incorporate into their custom ceremony the blessing whereby the Greek Orthodox "crowns", or "Stefana", are exchanged. Just as monarchs are crowned and charged with the welfare of their realm, so are the Bride and Groom crowned and vested with the authority and responsibility to care for one another's well-being. Symbolically, each marriage is a kingdom unto itself, which can lead the couple to God's Heavenly Kingdom by living with forbearance, compassion, righteousness, respect, and loving. The crowns are traditionally kept in the home to remind the couple of their responsibility and commitment to live by the good Christian values in their marriage kingdom.

Pictured here, witness the beauty of the "crowns" connected by a ribbon that blow in the wind as I perform the service of Steve and Nicole. What a gorgeous day this couple had to share their intimate love for one another with the expression of their vows, the exchanging of the rings, and the adorning of the crowns.

Congratulations to Steve and Nicole! I feel honored to have participated in your wedding service. Thank you for making me a part of your special day!


Ben & Jorie's Wedding, Wellfleet Private Home

Ben and Jorie were married high atop a bluff overlooking Cape Cod Bay in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. "Stunning" is the best adjective one could use to describe the glorious views of

the ocean and seabirds and the natural
landscape hundreds of feet below.

We stood on the wooden deck with small tea candles encircling us where Ben and Jorie said their custom vows, exchanged rings, and shared their wedding ceremony with family and friends in a very intimate setting.

Violinists played in the background as guests arrived at the contemporary home on the bluff that this lovely couple and their family had arranged for their special day. One could not have asked for a better day and a more romantic venue!

Justin, Jorie's brother, read a specially selected biblical passage for their service; pictured here, Justin is reading as the family encircles the lovely couple in the warm light of a spectacular fall sunset!

What a special way in which to share a wedding ceremony. Thank you for including me as a part of your wedding day!

Congratulations to Ben and Jorie!


Michel and Chrystal's Wedding, Chatham Lighthouse Beach, Chatham, MA

Michel and Chrystal experienced what one might consider to be the perfect fall weather day in Chatham, complete with beautiful temperatures, clear weather with a bright sun in a blue sky, and a comfortable breeze on the beach front.

Chrystal and her bridal party arrived from the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis, where the couple and their family and friends were going to enjoy a dinner reception after I performed their customized wedding service on the beach in Chatham. Lighthouse Beach is a wonderful venue, and at this time of year, it's a place that is particularly popular. In recent weeks, the news media reported that fishermen and the Coast Guard had witnessed several great white sharks on the coastline leading out to Monomoy Island. Many spectators lined the street overlook to this beach, anticipating that perhaps they, too, would view a great white shark. Much to their surprise, they instead witnessed a beautiful bride in white as she alighted down the steep wood stairwell onto the beach and met her groom, Michel, at our naturally made altar in the sand. Family and friends were so taken with the ring bearer and the flower girl, too; to say that they were cute was an understatement; with a little prodding from their parents, they performed their role in style, the little girl hurling a flower petal in the air with much determination, while her accompanying ring bearer studied the rings he carried with a serious intent, his plaid cap bent over the fashionable shell in which he carried the rings.

Music of Sinatra's crooning voice sang "Come fly away, come fly away with me..." as the bride and groom approached. It truly was a beautiful, natural wedding planned with all of the little romantic niceties for the Cape. After the "sand ceremony", and the custom vows were exchanged, Crystal and Michel were serenaded by music and bubbles blown by loved ones, some alighting on their shoulders as they moved toward the beach's stairs as husband and wife for the first time. About 25 yards away, when all believed the couple had completed their wedding, both groom and bride had one last celebratory salute to their guests - she thrusting her flower bouquet in air with her right hand, and he lifting his left hand and waving and turning with an excited grin, expressed their joy together as if to say, "Yes! We are married!"

Congratulations to Michel and Crystal! May you always have the pure joy you showed in that last gesture of celebration that you showed all of us on the beach. Thank you for including me in your special day. Bon Voyage!


Phil & Shaina's Wedding, The Point House, Scatteree Beach, Chatham, MA

Shaina and Phil planned a beautiful ceremony on Scatteree Beach in Chatham, where they and their bridal party and family stayed at The Point House, a location for custom weddings like theirs complete with a beautiful outdoor tent

for the wedding reception situated nearby the beautiful ocean. When the weather didn't allow for the service to be on the beach itself, Phil and Shaina moved the ceremony under a large canopy tree on the lawn of The Point House adjacent to the ocean. As this lovely couple performed the sand ceremony under the tree, it made me think about the "tree of life" and how this Shaina and Phil, their family and friends were protected from the rains by its arching limbs and vibrant green leaves. Indeed, there was a certain quiet serenity that descended upon the guests as Shaina and Phil both poured each of their containers of sand from beaches of their respective homes into the center vase, symbolizing the combining of their histories into a new, single glass vase as the newly wedded couple.

After the service, my wife snapped a few spontaneous photos of Shaina and Phil as they walked the beach; Shaina stood out with her beautiful smile and bright blue shoes! Indeed, they already appeared to be enjoying their day together in the sea mist, tenderly touching one another's garments with the special care that says, "I will be there for you always" and "I love you".

Congratulations Phil and Shaina!


Max and Christina's Wedding, Pelham House, Dennisport, MA

Max and Christina hosted their wedding this Labor Day weekend on the gorgeous lawn of the

Pelham House in Dennisport, MA; this condo resort is a true gem on cape cod, tucked away high above the oceanside. Waves could be heard below as the tide came in; sailboats were on the horizon as pleasure boaters enjoyed the perfectly sunny, breezy day. Max and Christina and their family and friends could not have had better weather for their wedding ceremony.

All wedding services are unique to the couple, and this service was no exception. To honor the traditional customs of their backgrounds, Max and Christina incorporated special touches into their service. Max performed the traditional "breaking of the glass", a Jewish wedding tradition whereby the groom steps on and shatters the glass as a reminder of the sanctity of marriage, and that the love of Christina and Max should last for as long as it would take to make the glass perfectly whole again. It also symbolizes the transforming experience that marriage creates, leaving the bride and groom forever changed.

Christina was absolutely stunning as she stood with Max and I and their bridal party. As in a traditional service, she stood with the veil covering her face until that moment when I declared that the groom may kiss the bride. And Max surprised us all (even me) when I happened to turn around to retrieve the bride's bouquet from the maid of honor; pictured here, Max sweeped his new wife into a passionate kiss, dramatically dipping her in an embrace. The crowd robustly laughed and applauded!

My wife, Lianne, captured the photos above of this special service by the sea in Dennisport. She was especially taken with the romanticism of Christina's veil blowing in the wind, as Max holds her hands lovingly. There's no chance of missing the joy Max and Christina showed when I completed the service by introducing the couple to their guests as "husband and wife".

All present were swept up in their enthusiasm with a round of applause, congratulations, and shouts of Mazel Tov!

Brendon & Margaret's Wedding, Indian Pond Country Club, Kingston, MA

What a gorgeous Labor Day weekend wedding for Brendon and Margaret, who traveled from Alaska to marry on the grand patio of the Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, MA.

Unusually warm and sunny for this time of year, the sun shone on they and their bridal party in its full splendor. Margaret's sister, Kristen, delivered an "Irish Wedding Blessing" for this special day. Kristen read: "May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home and may the hand of a friend always be near. May green be the grass you walk on, may blue be the skies above you, may pure be the joys that surround you, may true be the hearts that love you."

How appropriate this blessing was for this fun, warm and handsome couple, surrounded by 100+ family and friends overlooking the deep green golf course from the country club patio where I performed their custom wedding ceremony. After they said their special vows, and I declared Brendon and Margaret to be husband and wife, Brendon leaned over and lovingly gave his new wife a tender kiss on the cheek. Of all the couples I've married, I've yet to see that occur during the service. A gentle gesture from this strong Army pilot; very touching and heartfelt.

Brendon and Margaret may live far away from their family and friends, however, their loved ones will always be close in their hearts. Congratulations Brendon and Margaret! Thank you for having me officiate your wedding - it was such a pleasure for a wonderful couple. Enjoy Alaska together!


Jason & Erin's Wedding, Skaket Beach, Orleans, MA

Erin and Jason held their wedding service on the beautiful Skaket Beach in Orleans, just down the street from the colonial Captain Linnell House where they held their wedding reception. Fortunately for this lovely couple, the heavy rain of tropical storm Danny held off just enough to allow their families and friends to view their ceremony with colorful beach umbrellas, "just in case" the light sprinkle of mother nature became more fierce. But all was well, and "Danny Boy" allowed the guitarist to serenade Erin as her parents led her to our natural altar, where Jason and Erin exchanged their vows and family and friends gave their special readings. From a distance, the seagulls looked on from a rooftop, squawking their approval. A few beach goers watched, too, eager to see Erin as she walked down the sandy pathway onto Skaket Beach. Erin smiled during the entire service, and Jason did, too. The salty air, sea birds, and beach grass swaying in the breeze made this a very memorable cape cod wedding venue.

Family gatherings bring out the humor in such events - one of their younger wedding party members appeared to be eager to be a professional photographer! Such a cute boy, he would occasionally come up close to the three of us as I spoke, digital camera in hand, perched for the best photo opportunity! Jason and Erin smiled and laughed about his antics. I have no doubt that he must've taken at least one excellent photo!

The final touch of the wedding that Erin and Jason had planned was after I had pronounced them "husband and wife"; up on the dune near the beach stood a bagpiper who played as they walked up the sandy path as married partners for the first time. What a meaningful musical finish to the service!

Congratulations Jason and Erin! May you have many blessed days together, basking in the love of family and friends.