Tad & Amy's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn, South Lawn, Chatham, MA

Tad and Amy, their families and friends joined one another for a beautiful day on the South Lawn of the Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA. The sky was

blue, the sun shining and the sea breeze off the ocean made for a fabulous weather day for this lovely couple's wedding.

The flower girls played as they waited for the ceremony to begin; one of the girls even started to do sit-ups, that is, until her relative told her to wait to do that until after the service! She was like a little gymnast, swinging against the white ropes nearby, and dancing on the lush green lawn as butterflies danced on the flowers of a shrub nearby. There's something about the joy of being in the moment, watching this flower girl dance to her own beat. How adorable!

The guests all arrived and sat in white chairs as they listened to selected guitar music. Chatham Bars Inn guests congregated on the outer edges of the lawn and on the small patios of their individual rental units, smiling ear to ear as they watched Amy being led up to our blue hydrangea trellis that served as their wedding altar.

Tad stood with me and his groomsmen, watching with that special twinkle in his eyes as he spotted his bride being led by her father across the lawn. She smiled and waved to the crowd of onlookers.

There were custom readings for this lovely couple delivered with such style that I offered to Mr. Smith that perhaps he might finish the ceremony? He read from the bible with his lovely deep voice - it was almost as if he were a broadcaster, the resonance of his message and his voice, so powerful!

Amy and Tad then shared their custom vows for one another, she dabbing her eyes as he spoke of his love for her, and he smiling as she composed herself for speaking her vows to Tad. All was so touching for this lovely couple as they held hands and exchanged wedding rings, smiling at one another in anticipation of their special marriage kiss.

They kissed and hugged one another several times when I announced Amy and Tad to be husband and wife. With such glee, they stood before their family and friends and recessed down the aisle with expressions on their faces that said, "Yes, we're married!"

Congratulations to Tad and Amy! May you both experience the love and happiness you experienced this day for many happy years together to come!


Mickey & Katie, The Sheraton Four Points Hotel, Eastham, MA

It poured buckets this past weekend, yet Katie and Mickey still enjoyed their intimate service held at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Eastham, MA. As we waited for guests to arrive, beautiful music

was played by the DJ, and we watched children playing at the hotel's pool. It's amazing how we've been here for years now, yet my clients find new places on Cape Cod to which I've never been. What a pleasant hotel located on the lower Cape with all of the fine amenities, situated not far from Marconi Beach and the National Seashore.

Flowers were arranged on the trellis where we stood, decorated in brilliant orange lilies and other assorted varieties. Flower petals were strewn on the white walkway that led up to our pretty altar. Family and friends talked and enjoyed catching up with one another and professional photographers took photos as they eagerly awaited the bride's entrance up the aisle.

Katie was walked up the aisle looking beautiful with her big shining smile. Mickey matched her smile as he viewed his bride's approach. He was so eager to be married, he could hardly wait to say his vows, which he delivered with much enthusiasm! Katie, too, was reading her custom vows to Mickey when her mom interrupted, "Slow down!" Humorously, Katie turned around and said, "I always talk fast". Everyone laughed, including the groom, who couldn't contain himself.

Special custom vows the couple had written were delivered and rings were exchanged. Family and friends watched as this lovely couple got a little teary eyed, along with some of the audience. It's so emotional when couples share their intimate feelings for one another - what a touching event that I feel so honored to be officiating, and with this couple it was no exception.

A sand ceremony was performed whereby Katie and Mickey decanted from two separate containers colored sand that flowed into one glass vase, symbolic of their newly combined histories into one new life together as husband and wife.

Mickey and Katie shared a romantic kiss when I announced them to be husband and wife, and their friends and family cheered and applauded. Congratulations Mickey and Katie! I wish you many joyful days together with much laughter and love!


Joe & Amie's Wedding, Nauset Beach, Orleans, MA

Joe and Amie celebrated their wedding vows and exchanged rings before a group of their close friends and family, along with a few hundred strangers who moved their

beach chairs and blankets to view Joe and Amie's wedding at Nauset Beach in Orleans, MA.

It had been an unseasonably hot day, however, the cool salty breeze coming off the ocean

was just what we needed to cool us down. The seagulls soared above us with ease, children played in the waves in the distance, and one could hear the beautiful guitar music as we prepared on the beach for Amie's arrival.

As Amie walked over the dune that led to the beach front, everyone got noticeably quiet. Looking so breathtaking as her mother and brother walked her to our home made altar by the sea, Amie's beauty turned every head on the beach - she looked like a princess in her gorgeous gown, laughing and smiling as her mom and brother held each arm in a loving manner.

As the guitar played, Amie's mom and brother each hugged and kissed her, giving her to her soon to be husband, Joe.

The service was simple and sweet. Amie and Joe both wrote their own vows, some of which caused Amie to laugh, and some, to cry. Weddings are wonderful, celebratory events filled with high emotions where the bride and/or groom shed tears of joy, and Amie was no exception. Dabbing her eyes and cheek with her kleenex, Amie was overwhelmed with joy and the strong emotional feelings she had for Joe.

All was so beautiful and special for this lovely couple. When I announced that Joe and Amie were "husband and wife" all of their friends and family cheered and a semi-circle of beach goers who happened upon this celebration applauded with enthusiasm! It was such a special moment for all, especially this lovely couple!

Congratulations to Joe and Amie! May life bring you so much joy together filled with sunny days and soft sea breezes.