Richard and Dina's Wedding, Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster, MA

Dina and Richard hosted an intimate party for their wedding ceremony yesterday at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, Massachusetts. If you haven't been to this resort inn on Cape Cod, you must visit; one feels transported to the pleasures of past generations while walking its hallways and foyers. Family themes pervade the inn, with portraits and photos of its benefactors and guests gracing the walls of its mansion. Black and white photos of family fun on the ocean edge line its halls, lit by a sparkling chandelier that illuminates the beautiful ornately crafted, wooden railings leading up to custom sitting and dining rooms.

Dina and Richard had their close family members by their side as they exchanged their vows to one another on the balcony overlooking the distant blue sea; her mom and his son and daughter participated in this custom service. Tears of love and happiness flowed as Dina spoke her vows to Richard on the terrace. The laughter reappeared, however, when Dina and Richard exchanged rings and I declared them to be "husband and wife".

May you have a wonderful and full life together, Dina and Richard and may your family always be as close as they were today in celebration of your partnership.

Congratulations Dina and Richard!


Tom & Jessica's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA

Today, I felt honored to perform the marriage ceremony of Jessica and Tom on the South Lawn of the Chatham Bars Inn. This day was perfect for a July wedding on Cape Cod. The fog rolled in just prior to our commencing the service, yet the sun shone through just as I introduced Tom and Jessica as "husband and wife" to their family and friends. Mother nature had perfect timing!

The venue was wonderful, with the seagulls soaring above us and lush green lawns filled with people lounging and enjoying the beautiful, salt-filled air. A slight sea mist was brought in off the shore, and the sounds of boats in the harbor beyond us and children laughing and playing at the Inn's pool side in the far distance, made this the most festive affair! All in all, a bride and her groom could not ask for a better day.

There were custom readings from Tom's Uncle/Godfather who read an Irish Blessing and Jessica's Aunt/Godmother, who read a special "blessing of the hands" (of the bride and groom). All was very intimate and touching for this very handsome, lovely couple.

Congratulations to Tom and Jessica! "May the road rise to meet you, and may the wind always be at your back".


Daniel & Carolyn, The Captain Linnell House, Orleans, MA

The week had been intermittently rainy, but the sun appeared just in time for Daniel and Carolyn's wedding ceremony at the handsome grounds of the Captain Linnell House in Orleans, MA. While the birds chirped in the woods behind us, violins serenaded Carolyn and her dad down the manicured, wooded path that wound among the stately trees to the the flower framed gazebo where Daniel and I stood with the bridal party. It was a beautiful venue for this handsome couple. The flowers seemed to sing, and the garden environment transported us to the past in this gorgeous mansion; Captain Ebeneezer Linnell built this beautiful mansion by the sea for his bride in 1840 and its interior walls whispered of family, adventure, celebration and abundance with its beautiful portraits and paintings of a bygone era of sea stories and elaborate parties.

And this party had its traditional touches, too, mixed with contemporary traditions such as the intimate sand ceremony whereby Carolyn and Daniel pour sand from each of their cylinders into one vase, signifying the combining of their rich, separate histories into their new life together as one.

Weddings are always fun, festive events, and this service was no exception. After the service, this couple planned to make the most of nearby Skaket Beach. The Cape Cod Trolley waited nearby for their quick escort to the beach for sunset photos, after which they were to enjoy their dinner and dancing with their family and friends back at the mansion.

Congratulations to Carolyn and Daniel!


Eric & Lisa, The Belfry Inn & Bistro, Sandwich, MA

A Happy 4th of July, complete with ice tea and lemonade for guests, American flags flying in perfect sunny weather, a rich red satin sash to complete Lisa's white elegant wedding dress, and a garden party atmosphere at the Belfry Inn in Sandwich, MA.

It doesn't get much better than this - friends and family gathered in the back victorian style garden to witness the custom vows of Lisa and Eric. Everyone was so happy for the beautiful day and this special couple. The birds were chirping with excitement, and a bumble bee or two were hovering in the sweet shrubs on the garden borders. A picturesque, private site, Lisa and Eric were all smiles as I delivered their service.

As with nearly all weddings, this was quite a family affair. But, for Lisa and Eric, it was truly a unique family connection; they met when Eric first was introduced to Lisa by his brother, who had married Lisa's sister! "Thanksgiving is very fun!" Eric said with a twinkle in his eye. Two brothers fall in love with and marry two sisters. Now this family is certainly extra special and gives me pause to reflect on the miracle of life and how we're all interconnected, sometimes in subtle ways, and at other times in ways that are simply magical!

Congratulations to Eric and Lisa! May your lives together be filled with love, laughter, and all of the goodness that life has to offer! I feel so happy to have been a special part of your day filled with flags, fun, friends and family.


Mara & Joe's Wedding, Indian Pond Country Club, Kingston, MA

Indian Pond Country Club is a very majestic venue, with a beautiful golf course that features rolling hills, a gorgeous swimming pool, and cathedral ceilinged rooms indoors having white and beige furnishings throughout. Very modern and open! The bride and groom were such a happy couple full of excitement for their wedding day. Mara and Joe particularly enjoyed the ambiance of their environment with their 170 guests. The music played by their dj was custom selected; as we waited for the bridal party's entrance, songs from Enya played softly over the rolling green hills, and the water from a fountain a short distance away seemed to dance to the lyrics.

Something always stands out with each couple I marry, and Mara and Joe's wedding is no exception in this regard. Their flower girl, aged about 2-3, enjoyed their service so much that she walked close up to get a better viewing! Decked out in a beautiful white dress with a cascading green ribbon, she looked very much like the gorgeous flowers the bride had ordered for this day; Lianne called this photo, "Girl Flower", as she sat in front of us nearby the flower stand.

Joe particularly got a laugh out of her moving in even closer as we came to the portion of the service where he and Mara were to say their wedding vows. Their little "Girl Flower" couldn't get enough of the scene, but walked up closer to Joe and Mara, gazing in awe at what was before her. The cameras were clicking and people were smiling and laughing at how cute she was; I've yet to see such a young child so enthralled with a couple's service...she was great fun.

Weddings are so emotional, including both laughter and tears. Mara's dad was so sentimental about his daughter's wedding. He teared up just prior to the wedding just speaking about his raising his little girl...it was a very touching moment to behold. He explained that he brought her up on his own and she was "his only girl" with such affection, I could feel the depth of his love for her. So, I thought it fitting that one of Lianne's favorite photos she took of this wedding was of Mara and her dad, John, as he began to walk her up the aisle.

Congratulations to Mara and Joe! Thank you for including me in your special wedding day!