Josh & Sheila's Wedding

Josh and Sheila were married on a beautiful autumn day in November at the lovely Wequassett Inn located in Harwich, MA. This was a ceremony with a special remembrance to Josh's dad, Robert, who meant so much to their family and friends.  The joy of the ceremony was so rich, with both laughter and tears for the promise this couple holds for one another. The Dj's music wafted through the flower decorated hall with songs of love as the bridal party walked up the aisle, and then as they recessed as husband and wife. Lianne took this powerful silhouette photo of their walk together at the culmination of their wedding ceremony.  It's as if, leaning inward toward Sheila, Josh is saying, "I love you, Sheila.  We are joined in this journey and I will always be by your side."

Ray & Jane's Wedding

Jane and Ray, along with their close friends who introduced them, Denise and Alfred, said their weddings vows Halloween evening in front of the majestic gas fireplace of the great room at the Chatham Bars Inn.   Denise cried tears of joy while her friend Jane said her custom written vows to Ray; a very touching, warm and intimate statement of promise and hope for their love together as husband and wife.  Ray was so expressive of his love for Jane and how much she's brought to his life, and what he anticipated for their future together.  What a beautiful, simple ceremony in front of the soaring seagull painting in the exquisite great room at Chatham Bars.  Couples sitting nearby viewed their ceremony and applauded when Ray and Jane consummated their love with a passionate kiss and embrace.  I always love delivering such an intimate wedding ceremony.  I am grateful to have been a part of their special day.