Torrey & Laura, Valentine's Day, Chatham Bars Inn

Torrey and Laura exchanged their wedding vows on Valentine's Day at the beautiful front veranda overlooking the ocean at the Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham. Truly a romantic, handsome couple, these photos show the special love they felt for one another during and after the ceremony. If you look closely at the photo of the ceremony, you can see a gentleman inside, watching the service, which did not surprise me. Laura and Torrey had such "presence" as they walked together, holding hands in the grand Inn's foyer; every head turned to watch their main entrance and their special kiss.

Torrey was so very romantic as he whispers lightly to her upon their departure as husband and wife. What was he saying? It's only for them to know... a special connection on their wedding day. I feel blessed to have officiated their ceremony on Valentine's Day. May Torrey and Laura care for one another and love each other for many happy years to come. Congratulations to the both of you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am about to conduct a wedding within a few hours today at the Chatham Bars Inn - a special custom ceremony for St. Valentine's Day!  

This is a special day for me, too, in that I asked my wife Lianne out on our first date 29 years ago on this day...we're still very happy, laughing together and loving one another.  

To all of the wonderful, unique, loving couples that I married in the past year:  Happy Valentine's Day as husband and wife - your first valentine holiday of what will be many future years together.

And to all of the future couples I will marry this upcoming year, Happy Valentine's day as engaged couples!  

I selected a photo of Ian and Laura as the special photo for this day.  Their beautiful smiles as I performed their ceremony on Chatham Lighthouse beach, along with the image of Laura's heart-filled scarf, catches the imagery for Valentine's Day. 

May everyone feel the love they have for their significant others on this day, and every day.  

Live in joy!

Rev. Dr. Nicholas J. Boas