Brian & Sarah's Wedding

This wedding felt like a family reunion on Old Cape Cod, complete with sunflowers, cupcakes and a beautiful sunset to match the smiles of their loved ones.  Sarah had come as a girl to this beautiful shingled club set back on a dirt road leading to the ocean channel.  What a spectacular view!  Both showed a gracious style and performing their ceremony as the sun was setting on the beach was extra special.  The victorian style dress Sarah wore, combined with the smiling sunflowers, the fiery frosted cupcakes and the black and white photos on the club's interior wall showing each of their childhood memories, told me that they both honor their pasts and will treat their marriage as an adventure!  I will always recall the happiness that permeated the beach that day.  Congratulations to these two spirited soul mates!

Sam & Ingrid's Wedding

Sam and Ingrid celebrated their wedding day at the Wequasset Inn located on the Chatham/Harwich, MA line.  Many of Ingrid's relatives were from Italy, so they created a special printed brochure translating their wedding ceremony into Italian.  Relatives gave readings in both English and Italian...very elegant and thoughtful.   The day of their wedding, it simply poured.  But, accommodations were made inside the Inn, and the plentiful food and festivities along with the shared love of this couple, made their guests comfortable and joyful despite the weather conditions.  Sam and Ingrid were a genuinely happy couple who exuded warmth and generosity, as did their relatives and friends.  I don't think I've seen so much food at the rehearsal barbecue the night before; both a clambake and barbecue were served to their guests.  You can see in this photo snapped immediately after they walked down the aisle as husband and wife that they were indeed a very handsome, happy pair!    

David & Tami's Wedding

An awesome view of the ocean from the Wequasset Inn's waterfront lawn, located on the Chatham/Harwich, MA line is the perfect venue for a wedding.  David and Tami had timed their wedding to a tee; just before sundown, with clear skies and the ocean behind a marvelous flowered trellis.  I liked my wife's photo of all of us...it appears as though others viewing the ceremony thought it was the perfect spontaneous snapshot, too. Their friends gave readings that were deeply meaningful. What a perfect early evening!  View the happy flowers that adorn the hillside of this idyllic retreat on the Cape.  Another beautiful bride filled with a special grace and charm who found her prince charming.  What a true gentleman David was!  How lucky I was to be a part of their day!

Ben & Alexandra's Wedding

This couple knows how to "go with the flow", given the loving smile on Alexandra's face despite the fact the puffy charcoal clouds with accompanying wind gusts and rain came out of nowhere on the beautiful beach they'd selected in Falmouth, MA.  There was something special about the stormy weather that, though it shortened our prepared nuptials, added a certain drama to the ceremony.  Alexandra's smile beamed despite the rain!  She and Ben were in their own little haven of love under the umbrella on that beach (click on this photo and you will see what I mean).  Her friend told the story of how they'd met serendipitously when her friend arrived late to pick up Alexandra at the airport.  Alexandra struck up a conversation with Ben, and the rest is history.  They know how to go with the flow, these two; they learned first hand to wait and see what may happen...there just may be magic in it!  Congratulations to Ben and Alexandra!

Matt & Kim's Wedding

Matt and Kim had a gorgeous day at the Heritage Plantation in Sandwich, MA.  The sun was nearly setting and most of Matt's family and friends were in absolute awe of their surroundings. As one gentleman put it so succinctly, "This is so grand you know...there are but a few days annually when we see the sun such as this in England."  Many of their guests were from England and were taken with Cape Cod.  Caressed by the beauty of nature's manicured grounds and plants, the old wooden windmill, and the antique autos at their reception, Kim and Matt indeed created sunshine in their own special way.  How grateful I am to meet such special people and participate in their wedding day.

Patsy & Harry's Wedding

Patsy and Harry made all of their wedding arrangements via the Internet, too, given they were overseas for a number of months.  What struck me with this wedding was the fact that Harry was the consummate host, greeting all of his guests with a wonderfully impish grin as if he were welcoming folks from all over the world to his private home.  Patsy was more reserved until she cried when Harry spoke his custom written vows to her.  If you asked me what he said to move her to tears of joy and knowing, I could not say.  You see, Patsy and Harry surprised us all when they whispered to one another their vows; my wife called them "whispers of love" as we departed the quaint Chapel In the Pines in Eastham, MA.  We do not include a photo of the lovely couple here because of their desire for privacy (they did whisper in front of 90 family and friends, afterall - smile).   Very intellectual, friendly, and worldly, this couple created their wedding in a little Chapel In The Pines built in 1889.  Picture a beautiful violinist escorting Patsy up the aisle.  What a treasure to be a part of Patsy and Harry's wedding day.  

Brandon & Sarah's Wedding

Sarah and Brandon's wedding on Lighthouse Beach in Chatham was organized entirely via the Internet and by phone, so I did not know what to expect.  They were an absolutely lovely, handsome couple.  As the bride descended the stairs opposite the Chatham Lighthouse, I looked up to see people standing at the overlook and watching she and Brandon get married; the scene was so happy and joyful, with family, friends and strangers clapping and cheering when I announced, "You may kiss the bride".  From the grin on my face, you can see that I sincerely love my work and enjoyed this couple and their guests.  Their reception was scheduled at the Wayside Inn in Chatham, which is a wonderful place to celebrate less than a mile up the street. Overall, a very happy day for they and the tourists who happened to witness their wedding ceremony! 


Michelle & Jay's Wedding

Immediately after the ceremony, my wife, Lianne took this lovely photo of Michelle smiling in the lovely autumn sun. Michelle was such a relaxed bride, beaming with joy! Michelle and Jay’s guests were full of enthusiasm, handing out sandwich bags full of bird seed and craning their necks to observe when the beautiful bride would walk the wooden footbridge to the chapel’s entrance.

I love the Kelly Chapel. Its simplicity and location are charming. The original antique wagon cart with blue painted wheels is the photo for my blog. Michelle and Jay and their guests enjoyed unseasonably beautiful weather, though we are nearing the end of October; the Cape is beautiful in the fall season, and they were fortunate to have one of those special days. The wood burning stove was stoked by the Yarmouth historical society’s caretaker early in the morning to ensure that all of the wedding guests were comfortable for their 11:30 a.m. wedding ceremony, making the warmth permeate the simply decorated chapel. An absolutely charming venue for Jay and Michelle, their family and friends!