Matthew & Krystle's Wedding, Lighthouse Inn, Dennis, MA

Matthew and Krystle and their families and friends arrived at the Lighthouse Inn in Dennis, Massachusetts just in time for a break in the stormy weather. Though it was gray outside, it did not effect this couple, nor their guests; prior to the service, beautiful music wafted through the air, even including a few instrumentals of what we usually know as Christmas classics such as "What Child Is This?" and other favorites. It was a beautiful venue as the ocean breeze gently cooled the lawn area where we stood. Seagulls flew in the background as the bride and her dad walked down the aisle to greet Matthew and me.

All of the bridal party were full of smiles and happy thoughts for Matthew and Krystel. There were tears, too, as I shared the wedding couples' special tribute to Matthew's dad, Albert.

Shortly later in the service, we all erupted into laughter and smiles when Matthew and Krystel were about to commence with their custom wedding vows. You see, on the stone pier directly behind us were two seagulls who suddenly made quite an excitable ruckus; I had just explained the symbolism of the wedding vows and the meaning of the rings. I'd like to believe they were cheering for this lovely couple's future together as husband and wife!

Pictured here are Matthew and Krystel, and yes, the seagulls are in the background too. They remained for the entire ceremony and watched along with the family and friends, as if to say, "We wish you happy times and endless love and joy together!"

Congratulations Matthew and Krystel! Like the gulls, may you soar together with the wind beneath your wings!


David and Emily's Wedding, Wequassett Inn, Chatham, MA

The skies were grey with a misty salt air covering the bridal party and their guests, but that wouldn't dim David and Emily's excitement for their day at the Wequassett Inn that overlooks the sea.

Emily was brimming with happy smiles as she made a grand entrance to the lavishly green lawn with both her mom and dad holding each arm. What a special sentiment for this bride to have both parents walk her down the aisle, and to be married on Father's Day.

The service itself was so fun. I started out by recognizing this to be the first day of summer - guests laughed, given they had sat a few moments earlier in front of the warmth of the Inn's gas fireplace. David and Emily were laughing and smiling together throughout the entire ceremony, creating their own warmth in the cool cape cod air.

There were special custom readings from friends and family, the two year old flower girl who hung onto grandma while a shy young ring bearer hugged grandpa in the front aisle. Grandma from Colorado was there, too, in her gorgeous aqua dress, taking in the love of family and her grand daughter's special day. The closeness of family ties was so evident for this wedding service. How wonderful it is to see such support for this lovely couple!

Congratulations to David and Emily! May you always be encircled by the love of family and friends as I had the privilege of witnessing today. I am grateful for having participated in your special wedding day! Keep smiling.

Joseph & Kristen's Wedding, Chatham Bandstand, Chatham, MA

Another perfect day for a wedding, with children dancing on the lawn of the Chatham green where the Chatham Bandstand has hosted many a celebratory event, including the 4th of July and other favorite events. But today, it was for Joseph and Kristen to have their special wedding day with family and friends, and yes, admiring strangers, too!

Though it isn't yet the 4th of July, the brilliant smiles of family and friends were accompanied by the violins playing on stage. And you might say it felt as happy there as any event I've participated in. It's such a special privilege for me to share in such a lovely couple's special wedding ceremony.

Passersby stopped and gazed in awe as Kristen alighted from the antique trolley with her father. Her simple, elegant grace was for all to see; Kristen's beautiful white gown draped softly over the stairs of the bandstand as she and Joseph said their custom wedding vows, her smile filling the park. Joseph and she exchanged adoring looks to one another as I read their service.

And as I introduced them for the first time as "husband and wife", and they processed down the aisle, one could see the glee in that special kiss they shared. "We're married!" it said, full of happiness, love, and promise for their future together.

Congratulations to Joseph and Kristen!

Scott & Lygia's Wedding, Wequassett Inn, Chatham, MA

Scott and Lygia and their wedding guests were completely coordinated, all decked out in deep reds, pure white and black. This bride had all of the particulars arranged with her own sense of style, down to the beautiful flower girl dresses and the satin decorated wagon that carried a baby with Mickey, Minnie Mouse, and their wedding rings! I am sure the baby wondered what the fuss was all about.

Scott and Lygia had fine weather despite the cape's predictions, and all of the romance of the event was that much prettier on the gorgeous grounds of the Wequassett Inn overlooking the sea. The happiness of this couple was not missed when I announced their being "husband and wife" under the trellis. A very happy, romantic kiss for this newly betrothed couple!

May your lives together be blessed with much joy and may each holiday and special event be filled with the laughter of friends and family, as it was on this day. Congratulations Scott and Lygia!

Patrick and Alicia's Wedding, Wequassett Inn, Chatham

What a beautiful Friday evening for a wedding at the Wequassett Inn; the weather held out despite unsettled predictions, and the bridal party was absolutely positive that all would go well - and it did! This couple truly enjoyed themselves both during and after the ceremony. As the
took photos
with the beach as a backdrop, Patrick and Alicia took a brief break to partake of the delicious appetizers delivered by the Inn's hospitality personnel to their oceanside photo session.

What impressed me during and after the service is that this couple "took care of one another". It was the little intimate movements of one partner touching the others' shoulder, or checking to see that all was fine with the "other"...those subtle day to day nurturing gestures that couples make. Add this quality to their sense of humor, and you have a truly charming, elegant couple that lights up any venue in which they participate.

When my wife, Lianne, took a few photos, she did not think she'd capture these qualities, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Here, Patrick's saying, humorously, "Why do I have these (flowers)?" and then a moment later, he assisted his new beloved wife by feeding her hors d' oeuvres.

May you both have a wonderful life together and may you always continue to nurture and care for one another in the years ahead! Congratulations Patrick and Alicia! Thank you for making me a part of your special wedding day!


Timothy & Aron's Wedding, Private Home, Harwich, MA

Timothy and Aron held their wedding service and reception at Timothy's father's home overlooking a lily filled pond in Harwich, MA. What a lovely, intimate gathering place for family and friends. The family's ring bearer, Thomas, was all decked out in his "wedding clothes" he told me, and he was enthusiastically expressive about his important role and how he "loved weddings!" Well, I love weddings, too, and this one was no exception!

Family and friends gathered at the pond side where Aron and Timothy exchanged their vows with one another under the white trellis. Pictured here, I am reaching for the wedding rings, while Timothy and Aron share one of those intimate moments couples have; their own special communication of love and connection.

After I declared Timothy and Aron "husband and wife", and they recessed back up nature's aisle, bubbles were blowing in the caress of a soft breeze as they ascended the yard's hilltop. Under the tent, Aron and Timothy created a receiving line as their guests, one by one, shared their warm congratulations for this new married couples' life together. May your path together be filled with happy times like this day, filled with friends, family, music, the beauty of nature and love exchanged.


Jim & Kathryn, Winslow House, Orleans, MA

I knew as soon as I arrived at the "Winslow House" in Orleans, MA, overlooking the Pleasant Bay, that this couple had found a gem of a venue tucked away on Cape Cod.

My first service at this particular locale, the view from this private family home was absolutely breathtaking. Once again,

the weather was as good as it gets, with salt-filled breezes, the aromatic sweetness of the smells of spring, and the sounds of the tide below hitting against the shore. Children were skipping across the lawn in their classy wedding outfits, climbing the fence to look out over the gorgeous scene. It was a fairy tale location for a special couple.

The house itself was built in the early 1900's as a family retreat, and has been passed down through the generations; it is of a Spanish style and decor, and one feels transported in time as the sounds of family and friends' laughter permeates the gardens.

Kathryn and Jim stood peacefully, smiling at one another during the service. Kathryn's mother and father each gave both personal and sacred readings for their daughter and new son-in-law, each showing the depth of emotion they felt on this very special day. Their custom messages gave extra meaning to this lovely couple's wedding vows.

My wife, Lianne, said that this wedding made her think of "White Satin"; Kathryn wore a classic, elegant white satin dress, and the phrase speaks to everything done in a simple yet sophisticated manner.

Congratulations to Jim and Kathryn! I considered it a privilege to perform your wedding service.

Mark & Lisa's Wedding, Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster, MA

Mark and Lisa had so much FUN during their wedding service, that I had to include one of the photos of their laughing together to give you a sense of how relaxed they were on their special wedding day. What a lovely venue, and in perfect weather conditions, too. The Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster is pictured here; a throwback to the turn of the century, complete with grand foyers, stucco buildings and beautifully manicured lawns overlooking the Cape Cod Bay. All was perfect and one could not ask for a better day for this lovely couple!

Mark had gone deep sea fishing with his family earlier in the day, returning from the sea with a nice Cape sea bass or two, along with a sunburn to match! Mark did not realize the strength of the sun behind the morning fog.

What a wonderful, humorous, and engaging couple Mark and Lisa are - what a gift for me to be a part of their wedding day. May your days together be filled with the laughter and love you showed as you exchanged vows on the lawn of a beautiful mansion by the sea.

Congratulations to Mark and Lisa! As they say amongst mariners, I wish you "fair winds and calm seas".