Hugh & Margaux's Wedding, The Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA

Hugh and Margaux had an uninvited guest to their wedding this past Friday evening at the Chatham Bars Inn - namely, Earl - Hurricane Earl, that is. This lovely couple's notoriety spread as the news reporter trucks descended upon the sprawling mansions of The Chatham Bars Inn, covering the human interest story of Earl being the "wedding crasher" for Cape Cod's Labor Day weekend.

Just prior to their wedding, my mother-in-law called me expressing with glee that she'd just seen the couple that I was marrying at the Chatham Bars Inn at 5 p.m. the next day. Yes, mom, that was Hugh and Margaux! I never saw the broadcast, however, I heard they were very optimistic and were going with the flow, on-air. Good for them! We moved up the time to 4:30 p.m., but other than that, Earl did not cause this couple to lose a beat.

And so we held the wedding service inside, in the grande dining room elegant enough to serve as a ballroom, too. This couple had a special surprise for their ceremony, too - one that I was not aware of myself until my arrival at the Inn. Margaux had hired the singing group, "Hyannis Sound" to sing during portions of their wedding service. These young men harmonized beautifully, and the guests, and even the couple, joined in with clapping to the music and tapping their feet to the beat. I shared with their friends and family that I felt like we were on American Idol - the finalists of the competition, that is. This singing group was phenomenal!

There was a unique ceremonial piece whereby Hugh and Margaux gave a special gift of cape cod bracelets to each daughter of their newly united family; a beautiful remembrance for such a meaningful day for this family.

Hugh and Margaux shared their custom vows, and exchanged wedding rings. I then pronounced this wonderful couple to be "husband and wife", to which "Hyannis Sound" sang a happy, upbeat version of Stevie Wonders' song, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours!"

Congratulations Hugh and Margaux! I will always remember with affection my celebrity couple who made lemonade out of lemons, making everything positive, fun and memorable!

Brian & Meaghan's Wedding, The Chatham Bandstand, Chatham, MA

It was an exceptionally hot day at the Chatham Bandstand but that did not squelch the joy and enthusiasm of this lovely couple - Meaghan and Brian were so thrilled at my pronouncement of their being "husband and wife"

that their hands went high up in the air! What a happy celebration for all, most especially this lovely couple.

Meaghan was escorted up the aisle to the front of the bandstand by her dad; as they began to walk, they must've shared a moment that only a father and daughter could appreciate, as he said something light and funny to make Meaghan laugh and relax.

Brian and Meaghan had special touches to their wedding ceremony, including custom readings from loved ones. Around the perimeter of the bandstand, parents, children and dogs looked on as Brian and Meaghan shared their custom vows to one another, exchanged wedding rings, and performed a meaningful sand ceremony whereby they decant their individual vials of sand into one glass vase, signifying the unification of their lives into a new whole.

One could almost hear the sounds of the bandstand where Chatham celebrates summer, and particularly, the 4th of July. Despite the heat, the air of rejoicing was felt by all who witnessed the committed love between Brian and Meaghan.

Congratulations to the happy couple! I feel privileged to have participated in your special wedding day!

Dave & Julie's Wedding, The Wequassette Inn, Chatham, MA

It was a perfect, blue-sky, gorgeous day on the lawn overlooking Pleasant Bay at the Wequassette Inn in Chatham. Dave, Julie and their friends and family convened to this beautiful spot to share in the celebration of their wedding ceremony.

Julie and her bridal party carried ornamental parasols as they alighted onto the lush green lawn that served as an aisle to our wedding altar above the sea. It was an exquisite view, with boaters traveling below and seagulls sailing above. A pair of twin swans swam near the shoreline, basking in the sunlight.

Julie and her dad walked arm-in-arm from the side cottage, her decorative parasol twirling in the cape cod breeze. Dave waited expectantly, eager to hold hands with his lovely bride. A very touching scene, a few relatives were already teary eyed as they observed the custom ceremony Julie and Dave had arranged.

The sun shone brightly as it was noontime, and so Dave had his sunglasses on for the majority of the service. But as I announced the groom and bride to be "husband and wife" a member of the audience shouted, "Dave, take off your glasses!", to which he removed his sunglasses and revealed his happy blue eyes that said he was the luckiest man in the world!

Congratulations to Dave and Julie! May the breeze be fair, the sun shine, and the stars illuminate your nights for many years to come!


John & Shannon's Wedding, The Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, Brewster, MA

The rain challenged this lovely couple, however, they made the right choice to continue to have their

wedding ceremony on the beach front of the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster, Ma. As we walked toward the beach, it was like another world with beautiful trees surrounding the boardwalk entry-way, with lanterns made of tiny white lights illuminating blue and green sea glass inside.

Nautical themes continued as we entered the beach area where Shannon and John had arranged their private wedding chapel by the sea; white chairs made rows for their guests, a home-made appetizer and champagne bar adorning the ocean's edge. The sky was starting to turn a light blue in the distance, and clouds were moved away from this couple's special ceremony locale.

Shannon entered the beach area to special songs that friends had arranged for this lovely couple, played over the speaker system that wafted along the sea-front. John and Shannon had a special, custom wedding by the sea with a sand ceremony conducted with their children, symbolizing the unity of their new family. All combined the sand from their respective vases with ease. Onlookers at the beach front watched, and seagulls swooped overhead, squawking their approval. Beach chairs were turned to watch this handsome couple share their vows and exchange rings. When I announced this lovely couple to be "husband and wife" family and friends applauded in appreciation of this most festive commitment!

Congratulations to John and Shannon! Thank you for including me in your special wedding day!

Josh and Jilia's Wedding, The Ocean Edge, Brewster, MA

What a beautiful wedding service performed on the back deck of the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster, Massachusetts.

Violinists serenaded Jilia down the aisle as her dad escorted her to our altar overlooking the ocean view. Jilia was so excited and she beamed as family and friends watched she and Josh exchange wedding vows and rings. Flower girls and bridal party friends and family watched on and smiled as Jilia and Josh expressed their loving commitment to one another. Babies in the audience cooed and seagulls above squawked. In all, it was a glorious day for all, despite the impending rain.

Jilia smiled and laughed during the entire service, while Josh had such a loving expression on his face for his beloved. The violin strings were singing, the breeze was wafting over treetops where we stood above on the patio, and bubbles were blown by the observers. A baby giggled in the background and all was well for this lovely couple!

No sooner than my finishing their wedding ceremony, the sky opened up and the rain poured down. Fortunately, we'd all entered the shelter of the grande Ocean Edge Mansion, comfortable and dry and elegantly decorated for their beautiful reception.

Congratulations to Josh and Jilia! May you always enjoy happy times with your family and friends, basking in the shelter of one another's love and companionship!

Ed & Kim's Wedding, 41O 36' 49.61" North 069O 58' 35.22" West , off of Chatham's Coast

One might say that Kim and Ed's wedding was absolutely one of the most

unique and exciting, performed on a beautiful sand bar nearly 5 miles out to sea, off the coast of North Chatham;

to be exact, our longitude/Latitude was 41O 36' 49.61" North 069O 58' 35.22" West.

Kim hired Captain Phil of Outermost Adventures to bring us out to the our natural wedding altar with their four children, Colleen, Evan, Shane and Sam. My wife, Lianne, shot photos to document the day's journey and ceremony. The children participated in Ed and Kim's service with much delight, the smiles and laughter permeating the boat as we set out to sea. Wading to the sandbar destination, we set up our altar and began the service. All was very private and intimate for this very lovely couple and their children.

It was a serene late afternoon service by the sea, complete with a family sand ceremony, custom vows, the exchanging of rings, and a piano serenade for his mom, the bride, played on a keyboard by Sam, the youngest member of our crew. This was a casual, intimate and yet, elegant affair with beautiful flowers, handsome outfits, and full ocean views in all directions.

Immediately following the service, Lianne took photos of Kim and Ed, while Colleen, Evan and Shane entertained themselves, exploring the seashells nearby on the dunes. Sam, meanwhile, sneaked his way into this romantic photo of Ed and Kim kissing, playfully smiling as he held a single white rose.

Before Captain Phil returned to bring us back to the mainland, the boys threw flower petals from the service into the wind. With complete joy on their faces, they flung the white petals into the sea breeze! Overall, it was a beautiful ceremony with happy memories for all! What a wonderful wedding, and such a memorable service. I am sure that the day will be treasured for many years to come.

I feel very grateful to have performed the wedding ceremony of Kim and Ed, and in such a special setting out to sea. Thank you, Captain Phil, for a fun and energizing trip to the outermost reaches of Cape Cod. I highly recommend Outermost Adventures to anyone who wishes to have a fun-filled excursion.

To Kim and Ed: May you always experience fair winds together, and may you always recall gleeful children joyfully releasing white flower petals to the breeze! Congratulations!