Richard & Lisa's Wedding, Wequassett Inn, Chatham, May, 2012

Richard and Lisa hosted their beautiful, intimate wedding overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from the gorgeous lawn of the Wequassett Inn in Chatham, MA.  It was a beautiful evening in May, and Richard and Lisa were so blessed to have perfect weather conditions and a round orange sunset overlooking the blue ocean located below their intimate altar.

All weddings are special in one way or another, and Richard and Lisa's wedding was no exception.  The flowers were gorgeous arrangements that transported us to a tropical island ambiance; songbirds could be heard in the trees nearby as they serenaded this lovely couple in sharing their sacred customized vows to one another.  Wequassett Inn guests alighted on the patios of their rented cottages to sneak a peek at the bride and groom.  All were filled with smiles as they watched this lovely couple share their tender thoughts of love and commitment.

Perhaps the most stunning finale of a wedding I've performed to date, this couple arranged for each guest, they and the bridal party to release butterflies to the cool Chatham breeze.  A symbol of hope and transformation for their new life together as husband and wife, Richard, Lisa and their  family and friends released the Monarchs from carefully packaged white envelopes.

The butterflies must've felt somewhat cold from the early evening chill, for they clung to each guest as a little baby bird might stay with its mother's nest.  Basking in the warmth of the bride and groom's  hands, two butterflies opened their wings and reached for the sun rays as they absorbed the loving embrace of entwined, raised hands.

Congratulations Richard and Lisa!  May your love float like butterfly wings on gentle breezes!