Andrew and Lauren's Wedding, Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club, Brewster, MA

Andrew and Lauren experienced a joyful celebration with their family and friends at the main mansion's patio deck at the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster. Andrew and

his groomsmen were a close group, and they appeared to be enjoying themselves during this special day! Andrew told my wife as he waited for the service that he'd met Lauren at a mutual friend's home at which they both frequented. One could see that this couple enjoyed strong mutual ties with their guests, and it was so clearly evident prior to, during and after the ceremony.

One little guest, a young girl, did a little jig dance and a ballerina-like twirl in the middle of the aisle just before Lauren made her entrance. I am always amazed by the serendipity that occurs at wedding functions - sometimes footloose and fancy free, both children and adults release their inhibitions and share their joy in the moment. I feel so blessed to perform for such happy, meaningful occasions.

While the guys smoked cigars outside after the service, Andrew and Lauren received the warm embraces of their loved ones in the reception hall. Pictured here, two women applaud the happy couple, and the smile on Andrew's face speaks to the affection and appreciation he feels for their support.

Congratulations to Andrew and Lauren! May you both feel filled with the love you have for one another for many happy years to come!

Anthony and Jill's Wedding, The Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club, Brewster, MA

Any bride would be ruffled by the severe rainfall of Tropical Storm Danny, but not Jill! She and Anthony arranged to have their wedding service at

the Pine Terrace Room nearby the pool at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster. This day was such that resort staff were shoveling water off of the walkways as if it were snow. Last minute plans were to have Jill make her grand entrance from the ballroom's kitchen, the closest entrance used to keep her white satin gown dry. As you can see from the photo above, Jill's smile reveals her exuberant spirit that would not be squelched by the torrential weather; this was her day and she was rolling with the new itinerary!

Happy to be inside, away from the elements, friends and families, musicians and photographers, caterers and servers all enjoyed the festivities and the electric feeling in the air; there was such excitement for this special couple! Jill's mom and dad walked her down the aisle where Anthony, their groomsmen and bridesmaids greeted the lovely bride; all were smiling, so filled with the joy for Jill and Anthony on their special wedding day.

My wife took photos of their ceremony from the back of the banquet room. She does not recall if the large floor plant nearby where she had stood was in the camera's viewfinder, so she was quite astounded by the light. This effect occurred in photos only when I announced to all in attendance that Anthony and Jill were officially "husband and wife". We may never know for sure, but we'd like to think that their marriage will be illuminated with a protective mantle of love.

Congratulations Anthony and Jill! To happy times ahead for you both!

Nicholas and Michele's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA

Nicholas and Michele, along with their close friends and family, shared an intimate service in the main dining room of the Chatham Bars Inn. As the wind picked up and the rain fell outside, we stayed toasty warm inside, situated in front of the Inn's grand gas fireplace where Nicholas and Michele exchanged their special vows for one another. I must say that this was the first August wedding I've performed where we used the fireplace!

A touching ceremony, Nicholas was overcome with emotion as he expressed his love for Michele; tears began rolling down his cheeks when he said his vows. He showed such tenderness toward his bride. Michele, when she saw Nicholas cry, began to cry, too. As my sister would say, they were "happy tears". Having performed many weddings over the years, I am still impressed by the outpouring of emotion and love a wedding ceremony draws. I've learned and have come to appreciate that grooms cry, too.

Immediately following the service, family and friends encircled the pair, sharing hugs and congratulations. In this beautiful Inn by the sea, all of the finer aspects of life were present to be shared together in a simple yet sacred ceremony for two.

Congratulations to Nicholas and Michele! May you always recall your intimate wedding day with "happy tears".


Robert & Jeanine's wedding, The Coonamessett Inn, Falmouth, MA

Robert and Jeanine held their special wedding day at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth, MA on at the gazebo overlooking the great pond below; a beautiful garden venue from which their guests viewed their ceremonial day.

This couple and their bridal party indeed had so much fun while at the gazebo entrance. The unique touch for this particular wedding was its groomsmen were all dressed up in their finest tuxedos, complete with red ties, white shirts, and black and white Converse All-Stars sneakers! The women wore black elegant bridesmaid dresses with strikingly rich, red satin bows. I did share with their family and guests that, "had I known about the groomsmen's footwear, I would have worn my PF Flyers". I think that Robert and Jeanine and their guests appreciated the levity.

As a few other grooms have done, when I asked Robert to take Jeanine's right hand in his, he paused as he thought about which hand was the correct hand. As you can see above, both Jeanine and Robert, along with their guests, had a hearty laugh together. It was smooth sailing thereafter, and the romance of the day filled the beautiful garden gazebo.

This wedding service had the traditional mixed with unique touches to make it their own special day ; after I introduced Robert and Jeanine as husband and wife, the d.j. played contemporary music that the bridal party serendipitously danced to as they recessed down the aisle. Despite the high humidity and heat, this wedding ceremony had a certain romantic playfulness all its own!

Congratulations to Robert and Jeanine! Keep smiling and laughing as you did today with your family and friends and your life together will most certainly be joyous!


Jack & Beau's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn, Beach Front

Jack and Beau chose to have a very intimate, simple ceremony on the beach with their beautiful baby, Oliva, and Beau's best friend, Kate. Though it was incredibly hot that day, the breeze was coming off the ocean and all was wonderful for a custom wedding on the beach.

I had so much fun marrying Jack and Beau; not only were they a relaxed and friendly couple, but Olivia made the service that much more original and entertaining. A good natured baby, she was fascinated with the kites being flown by nearby guests on the beach, and the necklace that her mom wore for this very special occasion. You'll see how much she enjoyed that necklace in the photos here.

I always smile when I announce the bride and groom to be "husband and wife" at the service's end, but this time, Olivia starting cooing and looking up at her mom and dad when they shared that special kiss. How fun to see this beautiful family basking in the love of one another as they exchanged rings. Olivia was fascinated by all that was happening, and she undoubtedly enjoyed every minute!

As the sun set over the beach, I couldn't help but feel the happiness that this couple have with one another and with Olivia. Weddings, no matter how simple or ornate, are special events filled with laughter and all of the good memories that come along with a couple sharing their sincere commitment to one another.

Congratulations to Jack and Beau, and yes, Olivia too!


Allen & Susan's Wedding, Seacrest Resort, Falmouth, MA

Allen and Susan had a most beautiful day to hold their wedding on the gorgeous beach side of The

Seacrest Resort in Falmouth. I was so engaged in the ceremony, that I did not see what the camera's eye saw as I married this absolutely lovely couple - the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, too, were showing incredible emotion as Allen and Susan said their vows and exchanged rings. It is very common to see the couple cry tears of joy and laugh as well, however, I don't believe I've conducted a service in which family and friends witnessed such emotion from both the men and women of the bridal party, too.

It was nearly 90 degrees by 11 a.m. on the beach, yet Allen and Susan were in their own special world where the heat of the sun only illuminated the loving looks on their faces. Allen tenderly placed the ring onto Susan's hand. At that moment and to my right, two bridesmaids were crying tears of joy, and two were smiling; both the maid of honor and the groom's sister were dabbing their cheeks as they caught themselves getting teary eyed for this truly special couple. Amongst the men, there was applause! What a happy, happy day for Allen and Susan, and their friends and families, too!

I am grateful to have been an integral part of your wedding day, Allen and Susan. Bless you both. May your life together be filled with beauty, love and kindnesses exchanged in the love you have for one another.

Congratulations to Allen and Susan! You are such a lovely, kind pair, deserving of the best that life has to offer you!

Robert & Betsey's Wedding, Hyannis Golf Club, Hyannis, MA

Everything arranged by Betsey and Robert for their wedding at the Hyannis Golf Club was planned to a tee; the 10th tee, to be exact!

What a fun-loving and family oriented couple they were, too. Between this couple, their children and 15 grandchildren were all in attendance. All weddings are fun and celebratory times, but this extended family showed such a special fondness for Robert and Betsey as they were married on the golf course. My wife, Lianne thought that Betsey reminded her of the famous television chef, Paula Dean, given her natural beauty, social warmth and humor. A truly social lady, Betsey was mingling with her guests just prior to the service, relaxed and laughing with her friends and family. This couple had such social appeal that it took a full fifteen minutes after the ceremony for all to enter the air-conditioned reception hall (and it was nearly ninety degrees) for dinner and festivities. The cameras were clicking as hugs were exchanged congratulating Betsey and Robert.

Family and friends laughed when I shared with their guests that, given their wedding day is Betsey's birthday, too, that Robert had better not forget this special day next year and for many years to come! You'll see in one of the photos above their genuine laughter as I stated these words of wisdom to Robert.

Life has its interesting twists and turns. Robert and Betsey first knew one another when they were in their late teens. Today, with a backdrop of the handsomely landscaped golf course with its beautiful trees and lawns serenaded by a spectacular cape cod sunset, Robert and Betsey expressed in custom vows a commitment to love one another and cherish one another, in good times and in the difficult times, too. I have no doubt that they will do just that, with their many family members and friends by their side.

Congratulations Robert and Betsey! I may not know the game of golf, but I know when I see a happy couple who will dance together wherever life may take them; indeed, you match one another to a tee!


Kevin and Sarah's Wedding, Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA

Kevin and Sarah were married at The Boathouse at the Chatham Bars Inn; it's a charming, scenic location on Cape Cod overlooking the beach and ocean. Kevin was so friendly
and sociable with the his family

and friends before we stood at the trellis; he was nervous before the wedding (as nearly everyone is) but he was as charming as ever,
circulating amongst his guests while we waited for his beautiful bride to arrive.

During the service, when I asked that he take Sarah's right hand in his, Kevin looked up at me and asked, "Which hand is the right hand?" All three of us, including their guests, had a good laugh and the photo above reflects that moment!

It's so rewarding to announce the groom and bride as "husband and wife", and this ceremony was no exception. Kevin smiled for nearly the entire service, and Sarah joined in, too. A very simple, yet elegant ceremony, this handsome couple exuded warmth and a certain joie de vivre that made me very happy for them both.

Have a wonderful honeymoon at the Chatham Bars Inn and in Hawaii! Congratulations to you both! May you love and laugh in marriage as much as you did during the service.