David & Donna's Wedding, The Old Sea Pines Inn, Brewster, MA

David and Donna and their guests enjoyed an outdoor wedding in the garden reminiscent of an Olde English-style garden, with ivy and brick pathways, small sculptures of faery creatures and tall canopied trees embracing the natural retreat. Under the simple trellis, Donna and David exchanged their custom vows and exchanged rings, and shared their sacred ceremony with a special reading given by David's grandmother, Betty. As shown in the photos above, Donna and David were very excitedly anticipating my announcement of their being officially introduced to their guests as "husband and wife". One can see the look of enthusiastic anticipation between them as I retrieve the bride's bouquet from her maid of honor. And then, the elation is unmistakable in the second photo as David and Donna are announced. It's without a doubt the most celebratory moment of the weddings I perform, and this lovely couple's ceremony was no exception.

If you've never been to The Old Sea Pines Inn, you're in for a treat. One feels transported to a time when sea captains and their families gathered together in large living rooms to share company with loved ones. A large fireplace is the center piece of the grand room, with photos of past proprietors, historic celebrities of Brewster, and their families. The piano is festively decorated with a horn of plenty basket, filled with pumpkins and gourds. Games and magazines, soft lighting and warm smells wafting from the kitchen make this Inn truly a special place.

Congratulations to David and Donna. May your marriage, like the garden, be tended to and nurtured, cherished and loved for many seasons to come!