Brian & Kristin's Wedding, Wequassett Inn, Chatham

My wife Lianne happened to capture on film an intimate moment between Kristin and Brian, and she chose to call this photo,

"Devotion". It started me thinking about the uniqueness of each and every couple I marry, and about those quiet, private moments that married partners share.

It was a beautiful venue at the Wequassett Inn, near the outdoor pool that overlooks the ocean; an amazing blend of chic and casual. Families looked on as this couple exchanged vows, canopied by the beautiful flowered trellis that embraced this lovely, happy couple. Yes, there were tears, but they were tears of joy, punctuated by Kristin's laughter, the sweet sounds of the violinists they'd hired from Boston, and the seagulls flying overhead.

Kristin's friend, Patty, gave a special reading selected for her friends, and I thought I would share it with you here, entitled, The Key To Love: "The key to love is understanding, as it is the little things that say so much by themselves. The key to love is forgiveness, to accept each other's faults and pardon mistakes. The key to love is sharing. Sharing and facing your good fortunes as well as the bad, together, both conquering problems, forever searching for ways to intensify your happiness. The key to love is giving. Giving without thought of return, but with the hope of just a simple smile, and by giving in but never giving up. The key to love is respect, realizing that you are two separate people, with different ideas; that you don't belong to each other, that you belong with each other, and share a mutual bond. The key to love is inside us all. It takes time and patience to unlock all the ingredients that will take you to its threshold; it is the continual learning process that demands a lot of work but the rewards are more than worth the effort...and that is the key to love.

Congratulations to Brian and Kristin! May the devotion in your eyes, and the happy smiles on your faces be with you, together, always.


Jeffrey & Justine's Wedding, Willowbend Country Club, Mashpee, MA

Jeffrey & Justine show exuberance at my declaring them "husband and wife" for all of their family and loved ones to witness for the first time; I don't think I've seen a couple so expressive!

This was such a beautiful pair, with their "daughter", DJ, in a floral wreath around her neck, bestowing the rings to the best man, Ken, as part of their customized service. DJ did a wonderful job! Justine walked down the aisle with her dad, misty tears of joy in her eyes; there was that unique sacred space that occurred where time stands still while friends and family members stand in awe of Justine's dramatic beauty. The vows were said with such emotion of the love Jeffrey & Justine have for one another. During the service, when I asked Jeffrey if he took Justine to he his wife, "to have and to hold, from this day forth," Jeffrey confirmed with the most enthusiastic "Yes!" I'd heard in my years of performing wedding ceremonies. All in attendance laughed, including Justine, Jeffrey's commitment so adamantly clear! This was certainly a very lovely wedding, complete with the lush green view of the country club's gorgeous golf course, the singing birds, the soft cape cod breeze, and the love, humor and joy of friends and family.

May you both always experience the playfulness, the depth of your love together, and the closeness with friends and family that you showed on your wedding day.

Congratulations to Jeffrey & Justine. May your days ahead be filled with joy!